studies show that the solution to literally every single case of “i swear ive seen that actor before but i absolutely cannot think of where” is that they were on an episode of law & order 5 years ago

Or a porn star.


not all character development exists to make someone a better person

people turn into assholes, too. They become more  manipulative, arrogant, clingy, irritated… complex.

and that’s okay, that’s important.

explore that.

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The bears are in


The bears are in


if you want a nice body, go get it. if you want to become a lawyer, study your ass off. if you want nice hair, pick a style and get it done. stop being afraid and motivate yourself. find yourself. find your happiness, because it’s out there waiting for you.

I can actively hear a police chase happening outside.











this just happened on my dash… 

it happend again

How can you hate on cookies though?? Like, in any form?? They’re FUCKING COOKIES BRO!!!

don’t let the anti-moreos guy see this either

wait for it he has sources


 he’s here

hell yeah im here and im ready to whoop your substantially corrupt minds back into fucking place

You’re like 15 dude you ain’t about to whoop anyone’s ass

I have the power of skeleton memes on my side, what do you  have?  tom hiddystan? bendelick mumberdun? doctor when??? yeah

This is literally the most beautiful post on Tumblr



support our troops

I really do have tears in my eyes rn

Navy uniforms have little anchors in the lighter areas of camouflage. Just saying.




akiba2341 asked:

do you support the theory that Tark is Tarkus?

No. Plus, Tarkus died near the painting guardians in Anor Londo where you pick up his entire set.

And Tarkus isn’t a bitch.

Holy shit, shots fired at Man Scorpion Tark.

Mama, I am an atheist and think that the belief in magic is very unscientific. As an atheist I do not belief in magic from the mainstream typical understanding. I don't believe in the effects of crystals, psychics, crystal balls, tarot cards, palm readings, spells or curses. However, I would be interested in hearing, from you, a pagan, what your definition of magic actually is and why you think it is real. Why do you think spells work when all scientific knowledge points to them not?


several hundred years ago “science” was a recipe to create bees by covering an ox carcass in tree branches and leaving it in a locked barn for a few months

our understanding of the world in ways that we can “prove” with our current abilities and resources is massively, massively limited, and we tend to call things that can’t be “proven” with those abilities and resources things “magic,” or in certain cases, “fake.”

my understanding of the world is shaped by my experiences and my experience is that my spellwork - which consists of evoking, controlling, and casting energy towards a goal - has produced observable effects that consistently line up with the intentions expressed when the spellwork was performed.

most of the technology we use every day without a second thought and the facts that we consider common knowledge are all things that at one time were considered mysterious or impossible. i believe that one day, far down the line, the things that witches like me do on a daily basis will be considered basic and easily provable results of natural laws.

i’m also going to take a moment to point out that, while i believe you did put at least a little effort into trying to make sure this message didn’t come off as shitting all over my beliefs and practices, that is absolutely 100% what it came off as anyway. what this message read as, to me, was “i want you to tell me why you believe in this when you are so obviously and objectively wrong.” 

i do not have to justify my beliefs to anyone. i do not have to prove my beliefs to anyone. but i also do not have to quietly accept patronizing messages like this one, and the main reason i’m answering this is not because i care to give you an explanation or because i feel a desire to prove or validate my beliefs to you, but to point out to you that the overall tone of this message is extremely condescending and rude.

i tag all of my posts that have to do with my religious and spiritual beliefs and practices - “witch stuff,” “pagan stuff,” and “mantis tarot.” i have asked in the past that people who look down on my beliefs or consider them ridiculous please blacklist those tags, because it exacerbates my anxiety to imagine people seeing those posts on their dash and scoffing at them or thinking that i’m delusional or silly or gullible. i put a lot into my practice, i’ve thought about it and figured out my belief system piece by piece over the course of several years, and i am constantly reevaluating what i know and understand about my relationship with my own spirituality and the universe around me. i don’t care to be smugly reminded that most people consider my beliefs baseless and laughable and objectively wrong.




Look at this fucking misogynist “I look better than all you females”

Pretty sure not being a dude makes us instantly better so

She’s not a dude so I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

And TBH she does look better than these cis women out here spreading bullshit about her so haha ur funny. There’s nothing misogynistic by saying you look the best last time I checked unless somehow hearing that from a trans woman is threatening to you.

Cis ppl mad that trans people are hotter than them

See what your follows think of you


Black: I would date you.
Green: I think you’re cute.
Blue: You are my tumblr crush.
Grey: I wish you would notice me.
Purple: I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
Teal: We have a lot in common.
Orange: I don’t like your blog.
Brown: I don’t like you.
Pink: I think you are unattractive.
Red: I hate you with a burning passion.
White: Marry me.